Anonymous said: Im 15 and I have had my period for about a year usually my periods last 5 days but last month my period lasted 15 days ! And this month im on my 9th day and Im still on my period should I see a doctor or is this fine ?

I actually don’t know because sometimes your period works out more than other times BUT i am gonna just guess and say that if its like suuuper heavy and doesn’t let up and you’re in pain the entire time then yes, go see a doctor and get his/her medical diagnosis. 

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Hi guys, If you send me an ask off anon and you want me to just privately message back please say so.

Or i’ll just start messaging back privately if i dont hit ‘post’ by accident since i do most of this on my phone. 

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Anonymous said: I feel so sorry for the previous anon!! I used to be really irregular, but my periods still never surpassed 7 days. I actually just passed the one year mark of having regular periods (without any kind of birth control involved), which is kind of cool! I'm not sure how I feel about this being a monthly thing though.


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Things heard in the target bathroom

"wait why am I bleeding…. Ohhhhh right"

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Anonymous said: It's my birthday and I'm stuck in bed with cray cray heavy flow and cramps. Ugh.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

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When your period lasts longer than you expected

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karaeavis said: My mom is a hero. She just bought me one of the heat pad things that plug in and lay on your stomach and oh my god it feel amazing. Anyways a quick question, why is heat good at getting rid of cramps?

It’s good because the heat relaxes the muscle thus relieving pain. Same as when it’s cold you can’t really move? its cause the cold makes your muscles tense. 

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Anonymous said: so i dont get a regular period and sometimes i'll have one for up to about 30 days and not have one for a few months, then maybe have one every other day or it'll be there for a week then stop for a few days and then come up again for a while. my longest period has been 29 days, and my longest time w/o one has been 3 1/2 months. it's always sudden and it's always heavy and i never get signs he day before or anything. {sorry this is long}

that just sounds. horrible. 

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Anonymous said: whats the best position to sleep in? i've been leaking through out the night:((

WELL. for pads i’ve found sleeping on my side with a pillow tucked between my knees sorta helps cause cramps but when i do the sleeping with a tampon in game i can sleep in almost any position. 

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Anonymous said: There is nothing worse than being a lifeguard and being on your period. NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Dude holy. I can only imagine

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