Anonymous said: Is there anyway to get your period a few days early?

Nope. Nothing I can think of that has worked

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Anonymous said: tomorrow's my best friend's birthday so she decided to have a freakin pool party. so i got my period this month already but i didn't get it on may or june so the last period that i got was the first one in like 2 months. my mom says thats normal (i think it isnt) but im scared that i get my period on this days bc i didn't have it in 2 months

It shouldn’t start. also im sorry i just now saw this. NO FEARS

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*pterodactyl screech*

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Anonymous said: Im having a lot of breakouts :((

:( that happens with all the period hormones

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Following back all xPersonal/advice, here for anyone. You deserve to be here. X


Following back all x
Personal/advice, here for anyone. You deserve to be here. X

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Anonymous said: I'm having the worst back pains and it's never this bad and I don't know what to do...

try a pain reliever or a hot water bottle on your back or take a warm bath or shower. 

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want to be drunk n making out w/ someone, but sadly i am sober and v much alone

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Anonymous said: my boobs hurt so bad.

im sorry :/ take some tylenol or midol

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Uterus:oh you have a completely full day of activity??
Uterus:and a sleepover afterwards??
Uterus:hardly any breaks??
Uterus:wouldn't it be a shame
Uterus:if something were to
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Anonymous said: I want to shave my pubic hair, just to clean it up. I trim it with scissors (little ones designated just for that). I've tried using a clean razor in the past but I end up with ingrown hairs. Anything I can do to no have that problem? I don't want to wax and it's too much to tweeze or whatever. Thanks

I’ve heard use this bikini line stuff you can get from like walgreens or a pharmacy? I’ve also heard like…exfoliate after. 


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